Mission Statement and Strategic Planning


To Advocate and Practice Equal Opportunities, Professional Excellence, and Social Responsibility

The AAAE Mission Statement is based on 3 principles:

Creating Equal Opportunities: Equal opportunity should be a right, but sometimes it is a right that must be encouraged.

  • Advocate and help create
  • Equal Opportunities in the Public and Private arenas. Practice Equal Opportunities within our offices.

Practicing Professional Excellence: After obtaining opportunities, we must make the most of those opportunities by delivering the projects with excellent professional services and creating an excellent environment.

  • Deliver excellent professional services.
  • Present AAAE and ourselves in an excellent professional manner.
  • Prepare our Members and ourselves for a changing environment.
  • Advocate continuing education to improve professional skills and abilities.

Practicing Social Responsibility: As leaders and stewards of equal opportunity and practitioners of professional excellence, we must be responsible citizens.

  • Within our professional environments.
  • The office environment.
  • The design of our projects.
  • Within our families.
  • Within our communities.

Strategic Plan:

2003-2005 Strategic Planning

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